Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where The Chisled Form Of David Accompanies You In The Restroom

Today is our last day in Las Vegas. Every time I'm here, I wonder the same thing - why people come. For me, it has everything that makes a place miserable - gambling, drinking, drunks, oppressive heat, people walking in groups like cattle, children, no escape from cigarette smoke, and over-priced crap from China. Oh, and the chance to lose money in the blink of an eye.

If we must be here, I'm happier if we're up in the money department; like last time, when Ed left with almost $1,000.00 in his pocket. This weekend we got free room nights, but we still spent about $150 gambling. Not bad, considering we can make that back in a few hours sitting around collecting detention pay, but I'd rather not give it to the casinos. Who would? Ed is our money maker, usually doing pretty well at the blackjack tables, so there's still a chance he'll break even by the time we leave.

We spent most of the day on the strip, walking from hotel to hotel, checking out some of the places we've never been or I haven't been for years. Like the Mirage - I haven't been there in about fifteen years oh, we've walked past it a million times, but I just haven't gone in. I remember when the volcano out front was all the rage, years before the Bellagio had their fountain. And Treasure Island too, with their pirate show, right there on the strip. It still draws crowds like it did years ago, except now everyone is armed with a digital camera or cellphone.

We ate lunch at the Fashion Show Mall and watched the models walk the runway, had gelato at Caesar's Palace and watched the moving statues (see photo above to check out the doors on the bathroom stalls), sat and people watched for quite a while before meandering through Neiman Marcus to touch items I dream of buying, and walked for what felt like miles in the blazing sun. There's really no shade along the strip - oh, a tree here and there or a quick duck into a cool casino - but no real shade. I think my forehead has a tan.

Tomorrow we'll leave to deliver our load in Arizona and then we'll head home. Then we're going to try very hard to get to New York City to be part of something new for us. I'll let you all in on it this week, so stay tuned!

Until then, we'll be playing a few more hands of blackjack and spinning a few more reels on the slot machines. Fingers crossed!

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Gil said...

Walk around a place like that and you wonder "what recession?"! Good luck!