Saturday, August 04, 2012

Crossing The Mojave

After leaving Las Vegas yesterday (finally), we had to cross through the Joshua Tree National Park to get home.

It's a long, lonely, blistering hot stretch across the
Mojave desert. Just as it was the first time I traveled through there.

The Joshua Tree is odd looking to say the least -
this page describes it as having a "grotesque appearance" - and seeing it in person for the first time is sort of fantastic. I was sixteen, riding with my brother and my parents, on our way to a weekend in Las Vegas. My step-father had been there many times, on gambling junkets from New York, and he knew people - we got comped rooms and shows and food. It was an exciting trip for someone who hadn't been anywhere, let alone Vegas.

During that trip, I peed behind one of these trees.

This time, I just took a picture.

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Gil said...

Seem to remember a Joshua Tree song many years ago!