Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Betting On My Man To Show Me A Great Time

After two and a half weeks of down time, we're back on the road - to Utah, which is not much better than being stuck in Arizona. On the plus side, we did get to have lunch at our favorite wings restaurant, Winger’s.

Unfortunately, this time our experience wasn't so great. The wings were delicious as usual, but when our lunch came, I found two hairs in my meal and Ed found one in his. Ed got up and complained to the manager, who offered to remake our meal, but when Ed got back to the table we decided we weren't really all that hungry anymore and decided to cancel the order and just pay for the wings and drinks. When he asked for the bill, the waiter told us his manager said not to worry about it. I'm glad that was the outcome, because it was the right thing to do. If they made us pay, I might've had to complain. And you don't want me to complain.

After lunch, we hit the local Barnes & Noble for a few hours and then headed back to the truck for the rest of the night. Our next load will be taking us back to Arizona, where I will renew my CDL and then we'll hopefully head out to New York.

Before we hit Arizona though, we'll be going back to Las Vegas. We normally wouldn't stop again since we were just there for four days, but Ed was comped three room nights so we'll be staying for FREE. In addition, we got coupons for a free dinner at one of the restaurants, another food credit coupon good at any of the restaurants within the hotel chain properties, and $15 in free slot play. Yay!

And if Ed does as well at the blackjack table as he did last time, we'll be leaving with money in our pocket.

money's on him.

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m said...

You've been making more with the cards than with the trucking lately. I'd get him to teach me how to play blackjack but I am afraid of losing money, gives me the shakes.

Scott said...

You guys gonna swing through Dallas to put the truck in the Pride/Polish contest at the truck show?

Gil said...

I think that the restaurant should have given you a certificate good for two meals and drinks in addition to not charging you. Good luck in Vegas!