Friday, August 15, 2008

Come Visit Me In Italy!

Today, over at Bleeding Espresso, I'm featured as a guest blogger!!! I'm so excited, I don't think there are words, but let me try and find some to tell you a little about where exactly in Italy I’ll be!

Bleeding Espresso is a blog written by a lovely little "barista" named Michelle Fabio. I've been reading her for quite some time now and have been lucky enough to strike up an e-mail friendship with her. Lucky, as in, look who I found in this world whom I can call friend! No really, look at her:

A Duke University educated lawyer, born and raised in Pennsylvania's coal country, Michelle is now a freelance writer living in Badolato, Italy. Badolato sits in the region of Calabria, in the "toe of the boot". From the balcony of her apartment, in this gorgeous hillside village, she has a view of the Ionian Sea. How absolutely exotic does that sound??

She moved to Badolato, the ancestral village of her grandparents, in 2002. She came not knowing a soul or a word of Italian. She came, not for a job or a boy or for what others would deem a "good" reason; she came just because she wanted to. She has since fallen into a life that many people only read about - finding love and happiness in a foreign land.
In addition to living this charmed life with her handsome Calabrese fiancé Paolo (seen with her in the photo above) and their dogs, Luna and Stella, she now wiles away her time cooking, writing and taking pictures of the land where she feels she was meant to be. Her love of this village is displayed through her words and photos and it becomes very clear, the more you read, that the blood of her ancestors course through her veins every moment of every day.

She writes for several publications including, but not limited to, Transitions Abroad and International Living,, and recently, snagged a sweet job writing a weekly column in Italy Magazine!

Please stop by her blog, and read more about her and her life. She writes about various subjects, so I’m sure you’ll find something to like. And one of the biggest bonuses of becoming a regular reader (well, besides the recipes and occasional glimpses of the elusive Paolo), is that if you write to her, she’ll actually write back!

How great is that?

** All photos were taken by Michelle and stolen from her web site by me!


Anonymous said...

...what a beautiful new friend you yummy Italian recipes...what more does one need?...I'll be sure to read her blog...MAE

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

OK, I'm totally cyber-blushing here...thanks so much Salena :)

And MAE, come on over! We love new faces :)

MeHereNow said...

OHH hark at you all excited!

I'll go right on over!

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle, you totally deserve it!
Wonderful posts Salena...both here and there!

Paul Daniel Ash said...

Sh*t yeah, Salena, let me know when you guys are in the area. I mostly rock two wheels these days but I have to take the Masspike for, um, romantic reasons more and more often.

White conventional w/sleeper... what is it, a late-model Mack?

MeHereNow said...

Reaaly good post over there,really shows how happy you are on the road with Ed!

BTW - you have to post your award on your blog!!

Deeba PAB said...

Found you at her blog...& her blog is great fun!! Am glad I got here too!! As I said...*BOW* to you greay lady! I love what you do & the spirit of adventure!!