Friday, August 29, 2008

Eddie Mad Hatter Friday


Decorina said...

Hey, thanks for leaving the comments on my blog. I'm (almost) always thrilled to get any comments at all. The exception is some anonymous NeoCon headbanger that is just a complete idiot. I post some of his comments just because they are so extroardinarily ignorant and make him look so very very stupid. Others I just reject because they are so offensive.

Yes, I'm a total Obama supporter. I watched it at home, alone, with all the windows and doors open (the heat don'tcha know) as I screamed and applauded and stood in my living room with the TV blasting. He is so amazing.

And I am sooooo happy that McCain chose that totally unqualified little chickie as his VP. What an idiot he is. I don't know a single woman who backed Hillary that did it because she was female. I'm with you, it really shows how little he and his handlers think of women. My husband, on the other hand, thinks that WOMEN should run the planet because the men just completely screw it up. I mean, I had to marry him after he told me that!

You rock girl, and if you want some pointers on fixing up the truck I'll be happy to help you. You should have seen my standard issue Werner blue Freightshaker. It was quite beautiful, even if I do say so myself. I had a mattress, then a feather bed, then a feather/down comforter and many pillows. I pinned one of my fabrics to the wall around the bunk...I loved my cave.

Decorina said...

BTW, I was born in Cottonwood, AZ and raised there, Las Vegas, NV and in Phoenix. I love Arizona and would like to live in the Verde Valley again some day.

Anonymous said...

Very cool hat, Eddie. I would like to have one like it.

Anocsanamun said...

Eddie is so handsome! You guys make an adorable couple.