Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Proof I Ate At A Sushi Place


Anonymous said...

I was looking at your blog, It is very nice.
I didn't read it all, but I scanned it to see if there was anything about our fuel crisis, I didn't see anything. I am a semi retired Trucker and I have a few Websites and a Blog and I am Linked to a few site, If It wouldn't be to much trouble can I get you to look at the sites I have and Please pass them on to Your readers, What I have to offer in Information on how to use water as fuel.
LOL I know what your think'n ( this guy is a nut)
He's been smell'n diesel fumes way to long.....
NO ITS TRUE, Its not a Science Fiction Story......
Want To Know How to Run Your Car On WATER as FUEL, Laugh At Rising Gas and Diesel Costs, While Reducing Emissions Preventing Global Warming? Generate Free Energy: BOOST the EFFICIENCY of your poorly designed engine! And Truckers it also works for Big Rigs too. Its 2008 and Gas is $ 4.00 a Gal, Year 2011 will hit $ 7.50 and predicted to hit $ 12.00 a Gal , Can You afford this or a $ 50,000 Hybrid?

You can make Your car a Hybrid for less than $200.00

Thank You For Your Time

John Chambers

Anonymous said...

Ed's Dad is looking into trying this. Maybe it works?
Ed's mom

Anonymous said...

Yeah it works Mom. You just eat it and it fills you up. It is also known as food. :-| Ed |-: