Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Benefits Of Marriage Without The Hassle Of Dieting To Get Into The Dress

Eddie and I are stuck in Slidell, Louisiana waiting on our truck to be fixed. Since we're going to be here for the weekend, we decided to rent a car. The car rental place came to the hotel, picked Ed up, and brought him back to their office to complete the rental paperwork.

While I was waiting in the hotel room, I received a text from him with the words "We're married!" in the subject line. This was in the body of his text:

"There is normally a $5.00 a day charge for an extra driver, but if you are married, you get to waive the $5 fee. Because we have different last names, she had to call the manager over to get approval. The manager looked at my ring finger and asked if I was married and I said yes. She waived the $5 dollar fee."

I love that my "husband" is so frugal. Not only did we file joint tax returns this year as a married couple, but now he's using me to get discounts on car rentals.


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