Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Perfect Volunteer

On the threshold of seventy, my mother did what many other septuagenarians do; she became a volunteer.

She's taken two positions - one at the hospital, and one at Hospice. She was so impressed with the care Hospice gave my step-father in his last days, she wanted to be part of it and offer the same kindness to other people in the same position.

She went for training for a few hours at both places and just this week, had her first "shift" at the hospital. She left the house and thirty minutes later, I got a text from her.

"So far I hate it. It's in the basement. Hate no light. Girl I'm supposed to see is eating lunch, I told her to eat in peace I'll wait. She said she'd appreciate it. I'm ready to walk out. Have ringer off. Sure I'm not to be doing this but no one sees me."

She's not even there an hour, and she already hates it, wants to leave, and is texting on her iPhone. It's a good thing they're not paying her. Two minutes later, I get another text.

"I want the real hospital where people are. If it's about being in a quiet environment like this basement, I could have stayed home."

Ahhhh, the perfect volunteer.

I can't wait to hear what she has to say after her first Hospice shift.

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Marlaina said...

I fear that even in volunteering one must work themselves up the ladder.

The hospital might be trying to 'sess her out to see where she will fit in, but like anywhere else, Mom needs to make sure everyone knows she's a people person and should not be wasted because she can just go home. And that would be a waste.

Gil said...

This is not the way to treat a volunteer, especially on her first day of volunteering.

Belledog said...

Good on your mom.

Maybe her experience with hospice will rock, and she'll devote more time to them.

Mainly, I love that you have a 70 going on 16 year old mom who texts on her iPhone as soon as she's bored. That might go on the list of personality traits and strengths.