Thursday, August 02, 2012

My Life Purpose In A Cookie

Today after a delicious Chinese meal - yes, in Las Vegas, since we're still here - I got this fortune in my cookie. Despite the odd grammar, the message was very timely, because also today, I had my first session with my friend Lisa Bruchac, a Certified Mind/Body Health and Wellness Coach a.k.a. a Life Coach.

She's coaching me to focus on well, focusing. Before our session, I did my Circle Of Life homework, self-assessing how I felt about things like Stress Mastery, Finances, Play, Self-Esteem, Spirituality, Life Purpose, Relationships, Work.

I had to pick a Focus Area and answer nine questions relating to them. I had to list my top three strengths, and tops three area that need support, and then had to fill out a three-page Blueprint for Change.

I know it was only my first session, but it was kind of hard for me to narrow down a focus area. Actually, I didn't even really do that, although I have a few ideas on which to focus. Part of my homework is to narrow that down even more. I have notes, I have an intention, I have a goal, I've identified challenges and I have something to visualize on.

Whew! Quite a lot for one day. But I feel as if this is going to be very promising. I think being accountable to someone who is going to ask me what the hell I did for the past week, will motivate me to concentrate on my Life Purpose. Fairly enormous task, huh?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have homework to do.

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Project Girl said...

I'm doing something similar - I'm in a program with a career coach. 4 months, intensive work - its cool, though despite all the hard work. I'm planning what to do with the second half of my life: I want out if legal, and maybe out if Texas (I'm not a native...). Good luck with your focus!