Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bears Outnumber Bigfoot

This poll was posted in a recent issue of Land Line Magazine.  For the record, I have not just seen a bear, I've hit one.

That said, I can't decide which I find more interesting - the 2% of people who've seen animals not native to this continent (like horses?), or the fact that 5% have reported seeing Bigfoot or other "undiscovered species".

Although, I'm pretty sure I know of one person who voted in that 5% category.

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Angela said...

I'll never forget the large black birds I saw out in back country Nevada. I was at a road side park in the middle of nowhere, no cellular service, low Qualcomm signal, the works. I got out of my truck to head for the little brick shack that was the bathroom and saw the birds standing next to trash cans. The cans were on little pedestals so the cans were easily at or near 4 feet tall. The birds' head could be easily seen over the top of the can. It looked like a giant black crow... scared the ISH out of me and I decided to just find another solution to my bathroom needs.

The Daily Rant said...

GIGI: That's a big damn freakin' bird! I think I would have left too. You never know, they could grab you and take off like you see in those videos where the eagle is carrying the baby. LOL

Do you remember when a turkey flew into RuthAnn and Brad's window?? This post:

Gil said...

If you see Bigfoot, it might be time for a little nap!