Thursday, September 05, 2013

Heading To Primm

This route took us through eastern Nevada, then south through Las Vegas, across California through Barstow and finally down to Los Angeles.  For those who like the western desert scenery, this would have been a real treat.

We stopped for the night in Primm, just on the Nevada-California state line.  No gambling was on the agenda.  We rolled in just after dark and went to sleep not too long after. 

The thing I like about oversized loads is the fact that in most states, you have to shut down at sunset or thirty minutes after.  That allows us to work banker's hours for the days we're under the load, but also means we have to be up at the crack of dawn to get started the next day.

What's that saying about early to bed, early to rise?

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Gil said...

With me early to bed doesn't necessarily mean early to rise! I'm guess that I am just lazy...

Gil said...
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Gil said...

Blogger Gil said...

Another breathtaking picture! Funny how I don't remember seeing such beauty when I drove to CA years ago.