Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Match Made In Trucking Heaven

We pulled in and had the entire place to ourselves, just as I anticipated.  Ed and I parked here - at Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint - the last time we drove the Oregon Coast and we had our fingers crossed on our way down 101 that it'd be available again, because this time we had The New York City Truckers following us.  They're parked just behind us.

The waves were crashing just on the other side of the trucks and were only visible if you were standing at the fence just above the water's edge.  There were also plenty of Herring Gulls hanging around on the lawn area opposite us, just like the last time we were here.

Who knew five years ago when we met Marlaina and MacG that they'd be taking this cross country journey with us?  Oh, the beautiful power of the internet.  

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1 comment:

Marlaina said...

I must say it's the most productive email that I ever sent, when I contacted you those many years ago.

It's been a true gift. A great friendship with icing, the fabulous trucking and blogging connection.

And do you know how hard it is to find another couple where everyone gets along with everyone!

I'm searching the load board for a re-do!