Sunday, August 03, 2014

Squeaky Clean Reflection

Another town, another laundromat.  That's me in the spin cycle.

Finding a place to do laundry on the road is sometimes a challenge but I'm the master of finding laundromats with truck parking.  Although, this time we only had the tractor, so parking was a lot easier.  And we only had one load!  That's a first.  We were done in less than ninety minutes.

I always search for laundromats on my iPad using the map feature.  That way, I can see how far away they are and can also look at the satellite image to determine the parking situation.

And this week I found an app on iTunes that finds nearby laundromats.  It's called Laundromatic.  Next time laundry day rolls around, I'll give it a whirl.  You should check it out too - it's free!

Now if only I could find an app to do my laundry.

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