Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I See A Molasses Sorghum Cookie In My Future

Many times we'll be in areas where we pass fields of crops everywhere, and unless it's corn or cotton, I often don't  know what it is just by looking at it.  Sometimes if you can find out what's grown in the area, it makes the mystery easier to solve.  The most interesting crop I think I've ever seen were artichokes.  I ate them and loved them, but I had absolutely no idea they grew at the top of these giant stalks, like flowers.

This week we were in Brickeys, Arkansas.  These dark red flowery things lined each side of the state highway we were on.  At times they alternated with a silky bright green crop which we guessed was rice, but we really had no idea what this plant was. The bottom part of the plant has leaves like corn, but the flowering top was a little more hearty than the silk seen on a corn stalk.  And they were only about three feet high.  That really threw me.  We always turn to Google images to try to find something that looks similar.  This stuff stumped me.

I kept Googling until I found a photo that matched.  Turns out what I had taken pictures of was Grain Sorghum, also known as Milo. Who knew?  They even have a cookie recipe on that website.  I might have to try it. 

Thank you, Google.  You make me smarter every day. 

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Gil said...

Raiding the cookie supply after reading this!

Decorina said...

My grandmother made sorghum molasses cookies. They were great.