Monday, November 24, 2014

We Are Not Government Issued

"We Are Not Government Issued" is a mural in Brooklyn, New York painted by a group of 13 young women from Sunset Park.  The mural depicts three young women "armed not with weapons, but the tools of creativity and education."

The mural was painted in 2008 to bring attention to the recruiting that was going on for the war on Iran.  The girls were uneasy with the aggressive tactics the recruiters were using in their neighborhood and decided to do something about it.  The topic of the mural was their decision.  They are not against the military or recruiting, they just felt the recruiters weren't being forthcoming with all of the information required to make an informed decision before signing young people up for military service.

It was can be seen from Interstate 278 (known in this section as the Gowanus Expressway, but also called the BQE - Brooklyn Queens Expressway) at 23rd Street and 3rd Avenue.

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