Saturday, November 08, 2014

NASA Really Does Have All The Answers

Photograph by Christina Holmes
You don't need to get married to make this amazing chicken.  

Marilyn Monroe's Naked Dress is my favorite.

I had a spoon ring when I was younger, but I always wanted to make one.  Maybe now I can tackle that crafty dream.  

My two favorites are whinging and chuffed.  I have to figure out how I can work them into my daily conversations.  

I think I'm going to try the luxury house sitting thing.

Carrie Underwood did a great job hosting the recent CMA Awards.  I remember buying her first album and listening to it every day on my way to trucking school.  I love her stuff.  This is her newest.  

Two movies I must see:  20 Feet from Stardom and The Sapphires.  

You don't always have to go through major airline hubs.  Or popular airports.  I learned this when I worked at American Airlines.  Now you can check out the shortcuts here.

And finally, the answer to one of life's more important questions.  

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