Thursday, April 09, 2015

Perky For Spring

After we had lunch at Tin Brick Pizzeria (which I didn't like) in Port Townsend, we went for a short walk and found ourselves at the Haller Fountain.  It's nothing spectacular, just a fountain, but it sits at the intersection of Washington and Taylor.
Port Townsend has a Downtown (located along Water Street) and an Uptown (located along.  The stairs at the Haller Fountain is just one way of the ways to get to the Uptown area.  
We didn't do much except wander, so there's nothing really significant to write about but the weather is still gorgeous - a real surprise in this part of the country - and we're just trying to take advantage of it by getting out.  
It seems nothing says beautiful spring weather more than nipples on a bronze statue.  

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