Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reading Comprehension In Question

This is why they ban truckers from parking in mall parking lots and generally public places.  They apparently can't read.

This photo was taken at a truck-only parking area in Tennessee.  Trash was scattered all over the parking area, but this particular pile was made up of random items and many, many plastic bags full of garbage.  If you can't tell, this isn't a garbage bin.  It's just a pole, with bags hanging off of it, and piled on the ground around it.

I will never understand why truckers find it necessary to dump trash in places it doesn't belong.  I can (possibly) understand leaving your bag of trash here if you were walking and the burden of a trash bag was wearing you out, but if you're in a truck and you know you'll eventually be stopping to pee, get fuel, or stuff your face with Taco Bell, you can carry your bag of garbage with you until you get to the next rest area or truckstop and throw it away in a dumpster like a responsible human being.

What kind of loser just leaves their garbage like this?  What are they thinking?  I can only imagine the pigsty the inside of their truck must be.  And the single-wide trailer they go home to probably looks like a hoarder's paradise.  These are the people who pour out pee bottles in parking lots, causing the area to smell like a urinal.  Worse, in hot weather.

Truckers are always bitching about how they get a bad rap and have a bad image.

Well, duh.

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