Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Proof That God Exists

This morning I was talking to my mother and she said, "Do you want to hear a God story?"

"Uh, I guess." I am not a big fan of God stories, which is why she usually asks.

"Well, you know how my knee has been hurting lately, which has just made me sort of cranky, and that I have that dental cleaning appointment that I don't want to go to, right?" she said.

"Yeah, you told me about the dentist appointment."

"I was just dreading going. I am in no mood to have a cleaning. Plus, my knee is killing me." Why her knee hurting has anything to do with the dentist appointment is still not clear to me.

She continued to say, "Well, I had just said, 'Please, God, don't make me have to go to this appointment' when the phone rang and it was Elizabeth from the dentist's office telling me that their machine was down and they couldn't do my procedure! How wonderful is our Lord that he answers all our prayers??"

"So you're telling me that God exists because your dentist appointment was cancelled??" I said.

"Well you can see he just hears our voice and answers our prayers."

"Mom. Do you think you can use your prayers for something more substantial than cancelling your dental appointments? I mean, like maybe asking for World Peace or a cure for cancer? Or even to allow Ed and I to win one of the many state lotteries we play, or having him take away my craving for Entenmann's chocolate donuts? Something that can't be done with a phone call? You could have just cancelled your appointment yourself, you didn't need to waste a prayer to God to do it."

"Well..." she said.

"Well, nothing. Let's work on using those prayers more wisely, Mom."

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