Monday, April 21, 2008

The Earth Is Sending The Paper To The Folder

Recently, Ed was helping my friend's husband download something to his computer since he's new at it and not very computer literate yet. They were on the phone so Ed was having him explain what was happening on his screen, so he could tell him what to do next.

When he saw this window, he told Ed, "The earth is sending the paper to the folder."

Ed scrunched up his face, looked at me and mouthed, the earth is sending the paper to the folder?

I knew exactly what my friends husband meant and said to Ed, "He means the download is taking place - you know, when you get the little picture of the world with the paper floating through the air?"

"Ohhhhh." Ed said.

I just had to crack up. I think that's the best way ever to describe the file download. I will never be able to look at that process again without hearing those words.

The earth is sending the paper to the folder.



Don Olney said...

Perfect! I love listening to folks who don't know English really well for the same reason. They often put words together "incorrectly" but with a sort of perfect poetry that often expresses the meaning much better than the "correct" way would have done!

Anonymous said...

My mother calls the computer keyboard, "that thing with the letters on it." Never fails to crack me up!