Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Half The Size, Twice The Violence!

On Monday, in Columbus, Ohio, Ed came face to face with a midget.

Well, crotch to face.

We were at the light, behind a 15-passenger van pulling a large black utility trailer decked out in lime green letters, MCW.

Micro Championship Wrestling.


Upon further inspection, I read The Greatest Little Show On Earth.

No way. Midget wrestling!!

We were thrilled when they pulled into the truck stop in front of us as now we'd be able to get a closer look.

When Ed went in to pay for the fuel, he came out and I saw him talking to one of the guys - a tall guy, the driver of their van. Then I saw the little people lining up in front of the van so some other people could take a picture.

Get a picture, Ed. Ask someone to take your picture! I was talking out loud, but to myself since I was sitting in the truck. I could see them from the truck and when they started to crowd around Ed, I was cracking up. As usual, Ed was smiling wide. When he got back to the truck with the picture, I saw that he had the midget wresting championship belt slung over one arm.

He also got a few bits of information - one guy's father was a truck driver, another guy had just graduated high school, they're based out of Miami but were on their way to Pennsylvania for a show, and they don't wrestle other teams, they wrestle each other, putting on a show as a group.

As outgoing as I am, I'm not as bold as Ed in this kind of situation. Ed has no fear when it comes to talking to strangers. He'll go up to anyone and ask questions.  I would have never felt comfortable approaching a group of midgets, but Ed did it easily. He said the guys were really nice, so willing to take pictures with the few people who asked, and didn't seem at all annoyed that they were approached. In fact, it was the driver who told Ed, "Just wait a few minutes - they'll all come out and you can take a picture with the whole group."

The post title, "Half The Size, Twice The Violence!" was taken from their business card.

Don't mess with the midgets.

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Belledog said...

Did Ed keep the midget wrestling belt?

Love hearing what you two encounter out on the road. Now we are all informed about Micro Championship Wrestling.