Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Wildly Fierce Candy Cactus

This is a Candy Barrel Cactus - or Ferocactus, which means "fierce or wild cactus - we've always just called them Barrel Cactus.

They have bright yellow to red-orange flowers.  The fruit is green when they're unripe and yellow when they're ripe.  Once they ripen, from late November to March, you can eat them, although I never have and probably never will.  If you have packrats in your yard, you'll see where they've carried the fruit and jammed it into their nests.

This cactus is also called a Fishhook Barrel Cactus and for good reason.  The spines are thick and heavy and have an extremely sharp hook on the end.  You will get hooked if you get too close.

The flowers provide a burst of color in an otherwise neutrally colored desert.

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