Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Is More

"My mother worshipped at the altar of the accessory." - Iris Apfel 

This is Iris Apfel.  I just discovered her.  And I think she's fabulous.  As of this writing, she's 93 years old.  She's a businesswoman, an interior designer, and clearly a fashion icon.  The glasses.  The accessories.  The color.  Read more about this amazing woman.
In 2013, MAC Cosmetics collaborated with her on her own collection.  This is the ad from that campaign.
I must have these bracelets and this red thing....sweater?  wrap?  Whatever.  I want it.
Even her apartment is fabulous.  
Look at these necklaces.
And this silvery blue hair.  I love it.
The fringed jacket.  Look at all those shoes!
All photos collected from the internet
I would love to be an old lady like this.

I better get started on my accessory collection.

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Gil said...

Another amazing lady! Funny how she neglected to give any pictures of her wine cellar.....

Belledog said...

Think I read about Ms. Apfel in the Boston Globe some time back. Incredible person. She probably has a better chance of making it to a century than most of us.

Looks a bit like Paul Shaffer's mum, no?

Alma would approve.