Friday, October 30, 2015

Zero Tolerance

This sign was seen in Columbus, Ohio, behind the hotel where we were staying. It's in an area with a lot of truck traffic, and on a street a truck has to access in order to service the businesses there.

We're used to being restricted in so many places, that the truck with the circle is probably enough for us to get the point, but if you're going to print up an actual sign to tell me to stay out, at least be grammatically correct about it.

What bugs me the most about signs like this - and I've written about it in the past - is how no one notices.  Or cares enough after they notice to take it down and fix it.

A blob of white paint over the apostrophe would do it, and that's just enough effort to keep my head from exploding.

I'm sure if I were to read through my 3,800+ posts, I'd probably find a grammatical mistake or two that would give me an immediate tic, but like Lynne Truss, I'm really in the zero tolerance camp when it comes to this kind of stuff.

I don't have an editor, so if you come across any mistakes, let me know. You may save me from having a stroke.

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