Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Into The Holidays

Photo:  Restoration Hardware
This is pretty impressive.  I've always thought cabbies knew the ins and outs of cities like no one else, but in London, the cabbies actually train for years memorizing routes and streets. They call what they learn The Knowledge.

Very Well Fit's Recipe Nutrition Calculator will help you determine how many calories are in some of your favorite recipes.  It's a great tool for knowing how many calories are in what you're cooking - then you'll know how many hours on the treadmill you're going to have to log to work it off.

I can't even remember the last time I had a candy apple. We didn't really make them as kids - candy or caramel - but I do know I've had one. And these look amazing.

All the middle children can stop whining now.

Cake to have with coffee?  Hungarian cake?  Hungarian Coffee Cake?  Yes, please!

A Fall Bucket List, right here for your reading pleasure.

What's your favorite position?  Sleeping position, you perv.

I love Restoration Hardware. I could live in that store.

My cousin got eyelash extensions. I am totally jealous. I'm putting this on my "To Do" list.

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2014: You've Been Warned

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