Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apparently, The Only Time I Lean To The Right Is In My Sleep And Unwillingly

It's been a while since I've unveiled one of the Original Palm Sketches By Salena, but now seems to be the perfect time to do so since last night we had a repeat of the very day I drew the following sketches.

Ed was tired and pulled over to rest for the night. I was already asleep. If he doesn't wake me up with all the noise he makes while getting ready for bed, he is sure to wake me me in some other manner. Last night it was because he parked like this:

It's not noticeable if you're already asleep and I vaguely remember waking and him saying something like, "We're parked on a slight incline." I am sure I mumbled "okay" and went back to sleep, but sometime in the middle of the night I noticed myself scooting my body up toward the head of the bed. My feet kept hitting the other wall, which never happens since I am shorter than the bunk, and I immediately stirred because I hate when my feet touch anything while I'm sleeping.

A few hours later, the same thing; scooting my body up. I was snuggled up against Ed's back and I noticed that rather than spooning him with his butt in the crook of my crotch area (for lack of better description), his butt was now grazing my belly. WTF? H
e seemed to be staying in one place (how, I don't know) but I repeatedly found myself practically crawling back up, one little scooch at a time.

When I got up this morning to drive (leaving Ed sleeping), the incline of the truck caused me to lose my balance. I was a half awake and forgot about the lean, and since I wasn't holding on to anything, I wound up falling right on my ass.

This second picture is what I look like while sleeping (and yes, I sleep just like that, sans any clothing save undies, and with a frown on my face): What is not accurate about this picture (that I drew, no less) are the perky breasts (mine do not stand up like that while sleeping), the pert ass (mine does not hold my body up buoyantly) and the flat stomach (although, it is a lot flatter when I'm lying down - right girls?). But my hair does look like that while I'm snoozing and I do have very slender arms.


Angela said...

You could very well be the next Picasso. ;o) Great story by the way. What's worse... is when you are the solo driver who parks on an incline. I woke up once at a truck stop in VA on a horrible incline which I'd parked on the night before, only to fall right over into one of my cabinets. I knew the truck was listing horribly to the right. I simply forgot I suppose.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

*** Just letting you know I gave your blog an award today. You can check it out here. ***

Gil said...

Quite the artist! You must have given 'sleeping Eddie' quite the ride once you got up, got composed and started driving.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Your self portrait is hysterical! Yeah, and Eddie boy needs a smack in the head for parking like that, LMAO!


Oh, and my word verification was....pendis, lol! Oh SO close! ;)

Lisa said...

Your self portrait made me spew my Dr.pepper!

Ms. Crawford said...

An oldie but goodie right here, I love finding these. This one is too freaking funny. I can just imagine you following and the choice words you were surely saying, at least I know I would have been. And yes you are quite the artist, big boobs for a stick figure by the