Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is There Enough Yellow In THIS One For Ya?

Fall colors in Western New York. This is not a great shot, as I didn't have a chance to pick a particular ridge or spot to stop and take a picture of, but it's the best I could do from a moving truck going down the highway.

I wanted to try to glimpse at least some of the colors, but I don't think this really does it much justice. Be prepared to see more fall color shots this week!


Paul Daniel Ash said...

It's not the yellows as much as the reds and pinks and scarlets and incarnadines and russet's that are turning my crank. The yellow's just there for contrast, IMHO.

I love it all though. And soon: snow!

Anonymous said...

That will do nicely, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the fall colors. This is my favorite time of year. :) Looking forward to more of your pictures, and jealous that I'm not there seeing it all in person!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely NOT! Try aGAIN my friend! I'm with Paul.... ;)


Gil said...

From the looks of the last few pictures you have seen some pretty vivid Fall colors! Please keep posting these lovely photos.