Friday, October 10, 2008

Eddie Helps The Economy Friday

Ed texted me from inside the store to ask me if I wanted anything. I did. Water.

When he got back to the truck, he handed me my favorite brand of water, Fiji. Not that I think it tastes ANY different than any other water, and as one of our favorite comedians says, it isn't more watery, it doesn't have a water "kick" to it, it's just water. But I like it because it comes in that beautiful square bottle. Yes, that marketing trick worked on me.

I was on the phone with my mother at the time and when I said to him, "Oh! My favorite! Thanks baby!", my mother wanted to know what he bought me.

"The outrageously expensive
Fiji water." I said. I did not tell her that he could have bought six gallons of water for the price he paid for my one bottle.

"Yeah" said Ed, "And as I was standing in line to buy your Fiji water, I was reading the headlines of the stock market crashing and our economy going down the toilet."

Hmmm. Are you saying I should drink TAP water????

** kidding - I drink from the tap all the time. Oh, and public water fountains too.


Anonymous said...


Let's not get carried away here... I mean I know times are hard, but tap water?!

I don't think things are quite that desperate yet.

Angela said...

I'm a Dasani snob myself. And if someone tried to pass off tap water (or even another bottled water like that nasty ol' Aquafina) to me in a Dasani bottle I'd know it right away.