Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Monarch Of Style

Me, up front in the frilly pink bathing cap, and behind me, my brother (the one who looks like a little Mexican kid), my mother and my father.

This picture was taken in the mid-seventies at
Alberta Lodge, a vacation spot in Greene County in Upstate New York, somewhere between Cairo and Freehold. My grandparents would get a cabin here every year and we'd often join them for a weekend or if we were lucky, longer.

Days were filled with playing horseshoes and Bocce, swimming in the pool and lounging on the patio and nights would find us walking the grounds and listening to live music after dining in the large, open dining hall with the rest of the guests. The entertainment was primarily geared toward the adults, but it was fun for our grandparents to show us off. One time, I even sang to entertain the crowd! Nearby was the Catskill Game Farm, which would often be part of our trip; we'd hit it on our way home, marking the end of our visit.

Looking at this photo, and I'm sure you'll agree, there can now be no doubt as to the fashionista I once was. Look at that cute little purple bikini! Paired with my grandmother's bathing cap, I am a statement.

Esther Williams, eat your heart out.


Gil said...

My bachelor uncle, from the Bronx, brought my parents a chaise lounge identical to the one that you and your family are sitting on. This is too funny as I think it lived in our basement until my son recycled the redwood for a project of his.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered trying to bring back the swimming cap? Some styles are ripe for a comeback...

Real Live Lesbian said...

I *knew* I liked you! I had a white one...just like it!