Friday, April 08, 2016

Talking Back Isn't Such A Bad Thing After All

I knew it.  Now if I could only convince my mother.

10 word smart people always use.  

Vitamin D can strengthen your heart.  Interesting.

Tired of peanut butter?  That was a stupid question, who gets tired of peanut butter?  But if you are, try out it's close friend, almond butter.  

Cats of all kinds are amazing

I first heard about Dr. Lustig several years ago from my friend Marlaina. She's on top of the no-sugar thing.  I'm still having a hard time grasping it.  

And on that note, here's a recipe for a cookie that although I haven't made yet, I know would be dangerous to have in my possession.  A lemon cookie that dissolves on my tongue?  Give it to me.

We ate at Versailles, took pictures in Little Havana, but didn't explore nearly enough.  Check out Cuba in Miami.

I haven't had a good pierogi in years.  These look yum.

Totally loving this San Francisco Girl by The Bay.  

9 fantastic photo composition tips, in video form.  Go on, you've got three minutes.

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