Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Calm Before And After

The skies may look clear in the photo above, but this week was a worrisome one for me concerning the weather.

We had a load that was taking us directly into the path of extreme weather.

Every weather organization and all of the news outlets were calling for tornadoes.  Not just one.  Not just passing through.

An outbreak.  Several.  Touching down, and staying on the ground.

Violent, destructive tornadoes.

Tornadoes with GIANT hail.  One news article even said "grapefruit sized".

Some school districts cancelled classes, others let out early.

We were driving right through the Dallas-Fort Worth area, then north into Oklahoma towards Tulsa.  Exactly where all of this activity was going to be taking place.

I have to say, I was a little concerned.  Even more so because I'm the night driver and a) I've never seen a tornado other than in the movies, and b) I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be seeing it heading my way at night.

Fortunately we didn't hit any bad weather.  Not even rain.  Although, Wednesday morning in Oklahoma the sky was looking a little tornado-y and I still wasn't convinced it was over.  I definitely drove Ed crazy with my constant updates and checking all the weather apps and alerts on my phone, something I've never done.  

I won't be deleting those apps anytime soon since the tornado season is just beginning.

I wonder if there's an app showing the nearest storm cellars?  I need to be prepared.

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