Monday, April 27, 2009

She Needs To Wear A Bell

I was shopping in Walmart with my mother this week and decided she's just impossible to keep track of. We get into the store, I say "I'm going to cosmetics", she says "I'm going to look at blouses" and we part ways. When I catch up with her again, we mosey together for a while, looking and chatting and deciding on what to buy.

After we finished trying on some summer tops and capri pants, we headed over to the food portion of the store; I'm zipping through picking out what I need and she is following along behind me since she moves like a turtle. Then the moment comes when I turn to tell her something and she's gone. GONE.

She was just there and ten seconds later, she has disappeared. And it's not like she's just around the corner in the next aisle. I know because I looked. Where can she have gone so quickly??

She gives the impression that she's a slow mover. That whole molasses/turtle/slug act is really a cover for her true identity...

She's quite obviously a Ninja.

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Angela said...

Ninja... too funny.