Sunday, April 05, 2009

Straight Out Of The Box

Me, Sunday morning, right after I got ready for "work".

Not quite the straight out of bed shot, but it is straight out of the camera; no adjustments, no Photoshop, nothing but cropping. The background is a little dark because I didn't use a flash, just the light from above the kitchen sink. As you can see, I'm standing directly under it.

Criminy, I say! Looking at the creases on my forehead, I might have to be getting those Botox injections sooner than I anticipated!

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Gil said...

You don't need any botox. Great self portrait

The Daily Rant said...

Thanks Gil! Although, looking at it again, I seem to be a little ticked off. Could be the weirdo angle. LOL

Anonymous said... are a beautiful Italian woman, great eyes, great lips, great skin, straight nose,and surely no need for botox...MAE

Decorina said...

You look great! With your sense of humor and wit you will age beautifully.

Don Olney said...

We're supposed to look like we've got some experience! You actually look like you've handled the thousands of miles very well! I agree that you look a little ticked off though ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful photo. You are beautiful, with amazing skin (mine never looked like that at any age after, what, 10?). Also a "show me" expression. Kind of intense and serious.

Happy trails!

PS: like your feature of incorporating past year posts.


sheila said...

I wish I looked that good just getting out of bed! You look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Is everything down below as well manicured as above? You are gorgeous!

Gordon Leadfoot