Saturday, April 04, 2009

Petal Tips Of Spring And New Life

Today I saw my twin cousins, a boy and a girl, for the very first time. At just a smidge over five pounds each and smaller than a loaf of Italian bread, they were delicious. Not in the Italian bread way, in the yummy baby way. I cried when handed the first one to hold.

It's impossible not to know there is something out there so much greater than us when you see two beautiful babies cradled in your hands. These tulips with their variegated colors bleeding into each other, also a product of a power greater than us, are almost as beautiful, but not nearly as amazing.

Looking at those babies, I just can't believe my cousin and his wife made them. They MADE a person. I mean, I know all about the birds and the bees and all that, but every time I see a newborn, I'm just in awe. I couldn't stop looking at them. And at only two weeks old, it's nice to think they were actually looking back at me, but I know they were just seeing a big, blobby shadow hovering over them.

Which I guess means their eyesight is pretty good.

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sheila said...

Yes that is soooo amazing, life. Great little post! And i SO love the whole 1 year ago, 2 yrs ago thing.....SMART idea!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new cousins. Wonderful post and picture and a laugh at the end too.

Hope you get to see a lot of the twins as they grow up. How fun to have babies in the family.