Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Range Horns And Humps

As I pulled into the Painted Canyon Visitor Center, in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, this was the first thing I saw:

Not the sign, silly, the BUFFALO. He was right there, out in the open, in the rest area. No fences. No barriers. Nothing. And there were two others right behind him! As he started to lumber over toward his friends, I followed him with the camera. There was a sign that said, "DANGER: Do not approach the wildlife." He was very docile, so I wanted to get closer but Ed forbid me. I think he was worried about him ramming the truck!
Before we left, I begged Ed to let me get out of the truck to get closer for a picture. I snuck up next to this guy while he was basking in the late afternoon sun. I snuck up on him and asked him politely to turn my way for a picture. He didn't really feel like having his photo taken, but you can see a little stir of interest in the one eye that is peering my way. Although, I think he's sort of telling me not to come any closer with that one eye. So I didn't. I just let him and his horns and his hump relax on the grass.

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sheila said...

That's so cool. Reminds me of our vacation to Yellowstone. But it wasn't so fun after the 2nd hr of being stuck in traffic because a herd of buffalo wouldn't move. :)

all things bradbury said...

this big guy looks like he coulda done some serious damage!....good thing you're italian and recognize the "evil eye" when you see it....lol....

Stace said...

The buffalo surprised Hedon and I the first time we pulled in there, too. Haven't been there since we've had Maggie in the truck. She'd probably go apeshit, and then we'd have a po'd buffalo charging the truck.

Gil said...

You are real brave getting so close to that big bull! Nice pictures, reminds me of our trip through Yellowstone in the 70's.

Team Caffee said...

Great pics! No wonder we all have so much fun at our "job" sure does not seem like a job very often. Fun to get paid and see all of the USA

Angela said...

Ahhh tatonka! Great pics!