Monday, August 22, 2016

Named By A Canadian, Mined By A Western Legend

Yesterday on our way to San Manuel, we stopped in Oracle, Arizona.

Oracle was named by Canadian Albert Weldon - who came to the western United States on a ship named Oracle, launched from Bath, Maine in 1876 - and invested in by Buffalo Bill Cody, an icon of the American West.

Oracle is most famously known for the Biosphere 2 - a place I visited years ago but have yet to take Ed to - but does have a teeny bit of its own history outside of that attraction. Supposedly, Buffalo Bill Cody played Santa for the local children back in 1911.

The photo above was taken at The Ranch Store Center on West American Avenue in Oracle.  The store is closed on Monday so we didn't have a chance to explore, but we'll definitely be going back.

This place is too interesting to pass up.

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