Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Party Is Over

Three years ago I bought a pair of pajamas to lounge in while on a trip to Montreal with friends.  I needed something presentable to wear in mixed company.  I settled on a pair of fun pajamas - mixed drinks all over the pants, paired with a lime green top emblazoned with a margarita glass - because of the design, Ed calls them my "party pants".

I like to be comfortable when I'm hanging around.  And with this job, we often hang around a lot.  As soon as we get home we "slip into something more comfortable" to wear around the house (or truck, if we're on the road).  We never sit around in the clothes we wore for the day.

Recently I was going through Ed's stack of lounge-wear and found that the hole I'd been repairing in his Guinness pants had gotten inexplicably larger.  So large that he refused to wear them.  Likely, they'd have to be thrown away.  We mourned.  They're his favorite pants and super-soft from years of washing, but this time the hole was just too big to stitch up.

When he came out of the bedroom in a different pair, he made an announcement that made me laugh.  It pretty much sums up the amount of time we spend in this type of clothing.

He said, "We're the only people I know who wear out pajamas."

Time to shop for new party pants.

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