Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Remembering The Old Spanish Trail

The Spanish Trail motel is one of the first things you see when approaching Tucson from the East.  It's on the south side of town, on the frontage road of the interstate.  I've always liked the look of this place.  It's just cool.  The rounded main building, the vintage sign.  It's very sixties.

Some people want to sign to be torn down, saying it's an eyesore.  I keep hoping someone will renovate it and do something fabulous with it.  The current owners don't seem very inclined to do that, and many other suggestions come down to a matter of money.  No one has it.

Here is a picture of the hotel from the 1960s when it was one of the places to stop.

And here are a few memories from people who stayed there back in the day.

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