Monday, August 31, 2015

Rain Frog

We had a little visitor today while in coastal North Carolina.  He came after the rain and settled on our windshield.  He was tiny, about the size of a nickel.  We didn't capture him - what the hell would we do with a frog? - but we did get a few pictures.

His scientific name is the Hyla Squirella (Squirrel Treefrog) and they are common in this region. 

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Gil said...

Great picture! What is it on? Looks like a cooking utensil to me. Anne has heard of tree frogs. She said that they have little suction cups on the bottom of their feet. She asked if they are one and the same?

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: He's sitting on a bamboo back-scratcher. I was inside the truck when Ed, who was outside, saw him on the window. Once I started snapping pictures, he started to move. Ed couldn't reach him from where he was standing so I gave him the back-scratcher to try to scoot him closer to me so I could get a better picture. But then he climbed up on it, so I snapped him there. I couldn't see the bottom of his feet, but he did have three little "toes" that looked very froggy. LOL

Belledog said...

Don't see as many frogs as we used to. That one is a charmer.