Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Making A Killing By Killing People

Every time we drive through Richmond, Virginia, and I see this monument wrapped in cigarette brands on the property of Philip Morris USA, I marvel at the pride this company has at knowingly being part of killing six million people a year.

Simultaneously, it reminds you to pick up a pack of cigarettes, while also reminding you how many people are killed by tobacco products. Even if you don't know the actual numbers, you know tobacco kills. And Philip Morris is so intent on getting their product into the hands of people, so they can kill more of them, that they even sued a country.

The epitome of an Evil Corporation.

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Gil said...

That sign really upset me a few years ago on our way to NC for a wedding. It was about a year after I was diagnosed with lung disease from smoking!!!

Belledog said...

When friends visited us in Richmond, they would remark how smoky the restaurants were! Although not as much now, thank dog.

Didn't Philip Morris change its name to "Altria"? Like "altruistic". Not. Still cancer stick purveyors to me. Will not own their stock, no way, no how.

That said, the PM factory is "local color", and at least it's not a confederate flag.

MAE said...

Disgusting! &^%$@# disgusting!!