Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Shopping On Wheels

I've been non-stop shopping with my mother to set up her new townhouse.  Paint, tile, furniture, etc.  For the most part, it's been exciting, but also a bit stressful.

I'm not a shopper.  I don't like to go to the mall just for the sake of looking.  I go with purpose.  I do like to compare and I want to make sure I've exhausted all of my options, but running from store to store is not really my shopping style.  The getting in and out of the car - especially is the murderous Tucson heat - makes me want to drive right into a lake.  If we had anything that passed for a real lake in Tucson.

And shopping with my mother is like being out for the day with a snail.

This month my mother has been suffering from an extremely debilitating rheumatoid arthritis flare. Her hands are killing her.  Her body is aching.  Her feet smart with each step.  On a pain level of 1 through 10, she says she's at a 15.  That's excruciating.  A 5 would keep me in bed for the day.  I'm a total pussy.

Yet she still finds the energy to shop.  She's kind of a trooper that way.  Pushes through pain, gets the job done.  Me?  I'd be shopping online.

I don't mind driving her from place to place, but today we went to Floor & Decor, a giant flooring showroom.  When I saw the wheelchair inside the main entrance to the store, I pointed it out to my mother.  She refused.  

I talked her into it.

We whipped around the aisles with ease.  Our visit took half the time it would have had I been shuffling around behind her.  I was able to walk faster and she was able to relax, not hurt, and see everything in comfort.  Win-win.

And she loved every minute of it.  

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