Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Image Character Of Poop

Emoji - those little icons on your phone - originated in Japan.  Today, most people couldn't imagine sending a text message without them.  

In Japanese, "E" means image and "Moji" means character.  Image Character.  Some of them are really cute, and many are sent to replace complete sentences.  My friends and I even have emoji with secret meaning.  All I have to do is send one little cartoonish icon and a complete conversation has been had.

I love getting emoji in a text or an email. They're fun. Creative. Silly. There are emoji I wish existed, ones I never use, and ones I don't even understand.  Like the poop emoji.  

Why??  Why do you need to send a pile of shit to someone?

Well, there's actually a little history on how the poop emoji came to be.

I understand there are situations where it fits - a shitty day, feeling shitty, your boss who's acting like a shit - but I'm still not entirely sold on it.  The visual of a pile of poo?  Not my thing.

But what's even more perplexing than using the poop emoji in a text or email, is the person who'd buy a poop balloon.  Sure, it makes a perfect gag gift, but I'm guessing the poop balloons that flank the checkout lines at Walmart aren't being purchased so much for gag gifts as they are by parents for their kids who are begging for them.  Kids always think poop is funny.

That said, I don't care how much my kid screamed, I would not be buying them a balloon shaped like a pile of shit.

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