Saturday, September 17, 2016

You Don't Need A Hard Hat To Tackle A BIG AZ

I ate a burger from a vending machine once.  I know, the horror.

I was working as an operator for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (great job, by the way) and in the break room they had a vending machine stocked with more than just candy. They had burritos, mini-pizzas, and burgers. It’s the first time I’d ever seen a burger in a machine. I don't eat food out of cans (like Spaghetti-O's or SPAM), and I thought vending machine food fit into that same category.  But then I thought, how bad could they be? Microwave burritos are good. Microwave pizza is edible. And how different can they be from a burger at a fast food joint?  I should just try it. 

So I did.

That was over a decade ago and I’ve never eaten food out of a vending machine since. The closest I’ve come was a hot dog on a roller at a truck stop.

Then, recently, I was asked if I was interested in reviewing a convenience store food product.  They'd provide me with the product and pay me to post a review on my blog. Pay me to eat something?  
Helloooooo….these people totally speak my language!

They asked for an honest review - which if you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you know that's what they'd get. Do they know I freely give my opinion, asked or not?  This is The Daily Rant after all.

Let's get started.

As most of you know, Ed and I have a full kitchen in our truck.  We have a fully stocked pantry, and if you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen the meals I’ve been able to whip up - pizza, my father's famous chili, apple crisp, scallops, braciole, sausage and peppers, and so much more.  But eight years ago, in our old truck, we had the same amenities most drivers do – a fridge, microwave, hot-pot.  Some drivers crank it up a notch and carry a crock pot or BBQ grill in a side box. On a daily basis we ate oatmeal, soup, sandwiches.  I've even had cereal for dinner - those little containers they have at the c-store.  In addition to the food we ate in the truck, we also ate in truck stops and restaurants along the way.  

But sometimes, you just don’t have time to stop for a sit-down meal. Sometimes you’re in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night. That’s usually when a craving strikes. A craving for something you can’t get your hands on.

Like a burger. What if you’re in the mood for a burger? Or, better yet, what if you want to stockpile burgers in your cooler for those times when you are rollin’ down a highway in the middle of nowhere? Believe me, it happens. Miles and miles and miles without a truck stop or restaurant. If you have a craving, you’re plumb outta luck.

Unless you have a BIG AZ.

No, I’m not making fun of the size of your tuchus. I’m talking about BIG AZ burgers and sandwiches!

Here’s the scoop.

The burgers come wrapped as shown in the photo above.  You can find them in the cold sandwich case at truck stops and convenience stores.  The ones I bought ran me $3.99 per burger.  They also make chicken sandwiches, but the place I stopped at didn't have any so I bought the two types of burgers they carried.

We tried the Bacon Addict Cheeseburger and the Kickin' Jalapeno Burger.  Since there was no way I was going to take a photo of me eating a burger - believe me, I would have totally taken a picture if I looked like this  - I snapped a shot of Ed getting ready to devour one.  A real-live trucker.  In a hard hat.  I actually stopped him from working on the truck to sit down and eat one of these burgers.  It was lunch time so he wasn't hard to persuade. 
But before he ate it, I made him measure it so you could see how big the BIG AZ actually is!  This is not a kiddie meal burger.

They come pre-cooked and ready to pop in the microwave.  90 seconds and they're ready to eat.  Both Ed and I commented on how blazing hot it was coming out of the microwave. You really couldn't even hold it.  Which is a good thing because I like my food piping!!  The cheese was nice and melty and the bun was soft and pillowy.  

We - I even got my  mother in on the taste-testing - were all surprised.  The burgers were better than expected.  When I bought them at the convenience store, the cashier actually raved about them. She kinda went on and on about it.  Normally, that would have annoyed me, but in this case, she totally gave me hope.

The jalapeƱo burger was our favorite.  It was spicy, cheesy, and satisfying.  The bacon burger?  Just okay.  The bacon flavor was there, the bacon smell was there, but the actual piece of bacon was a bit limp and unappealing.  I don't know how it could have been crispy considering how the burger is prepared, but it wasn't the end of the world, because the the burger was still very edible.  Overall, they were good.

I can't say this type of burger tops ones I've had at my favorite burger joints, but that wouldn't really be a fair comparison anyway.  They're just not in the same category. U
ltimately, this is a very convenient way to have a burger any time of day. Especially in a truck.  Middle of the night craving is where it’d come in handy for a night driver.  And if you're like me and want convenience, or you don't want to get out of the truck in the middle of the night, having a few of these in your cooler can get you through to your next meal.  You can totally buy a few days' worth - the AdvancePierre Foods website says they're good up to 14 days in the refrigerator (365 days in the freezer!).   This is the perfect way to have a burger or even a chicken sandwich whenever you want.  They even have breakfast sandwiches!

So give them a try.  They're available nationwide and you'll be in good company - people like them so much they've been awarded the convenience store consumer's choice award year-after-year.  

For more information on the BIG AZ burgers, check out the AdvancePierre Foods site:

Or check the BIG AZ Facebook page to find out where to buy them:

BIGAZ Facebook Page

“This is a sponsored blog post. While the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by AdvancePierre to review this product.”

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