Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Funky Freaky Friday The 13th

Ryn Gargulinski is an artist, writer and performer.  She created the image above, which I found when Googling images for Friday the 13th.  I thought it was perfect.  Especially since I sort of know her.

She wrote
this article about me for the Tucson Citizen newspaper.  She's also my friend on Facebook.  We've never met in person but she seems pretty cool.  Artistic.  Funky.  Eclectic, if you will.

She's extremely creative.  And she has her own style.  You can look at her work and say - as if she were super-famous already - "That's a Gargulinski."

See her stuff for sale on
Etsy.  Like her on Facebook.  Follow her on Twitter.  And keep track of everything else she's doing at ryndustries

Get Gargulinski-ed!

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2012: Scooting Around Town
2011: Eureka! Sand For The Golden State
2010: Eddie Lounging In Black And White
2009: Not Quick Enough For A Sunset
2008: We’ve Got Onions, Cream Cheese, And Choppers!
2007: Just Steps Away From The River
2006: The Anything But Itty Bitty Co-Op City
2005: What The Hell Are You Looking At?


Belledog said...

Ryn's art is wonderful.

I just happen to be at a comic book artists' convention in DC area this weekend. Went on a lark; lots of interesting panel discussions and the sheer number of comics publications is overwhelming.

Lots and lots of women cartoonists and other artists. Awriggghtt! Parity in the comics world, at least.

ryn gargulinski said...

what an awesome write-up!! thanks gads for the big nod, esp. on my third favorite "holiday" of firday the 13th (it comes in third right after halloween and groundhog day) - hahhahah.

as i remember writing in the article about you, you are ONE COOL LADY!

thanks, too, to belledog for compliments. the comic book artist convention must be a gas - and soooo cool to hear women are finely represented in the field.