Monday, September 16, 2013

Make Life More Interesting

This post's Flipboard finds come from the "Inspire, Motivate, Reverberate..." page.  These are my favorites:

Some people say life is hard.  If you believe this, make it easier.

Don't follow others.  Follow your dreams.

Lunch breaks aren't just for lunch.

Everyone has a few regrets.  Here are a few you might wish you did sooner.

Sometimes you just gotta give stuff up to be happy.       

There's a manifesto that tells you how to be happy.  A manifesto, I say. 

I'm all for a little tolerance.  But these are 20 things you shouldn't have to tolerate.

Having 31 flavors to choose from can be difficult.  But then again, so can answering these 31 questions

Sometimes the opposite of what you think you need is what you need.

And then this one isn't life-changing or inspiring, it just looks yummy.

Even though it has a weird name: 
Cherry Almond Coconut Protein Balls.

And finally, 50 Deep Questions That Make You Think Aout Life.

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