Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Extremely Fishy Climate

As we were leaving Port Townsend Sunday I was talking to Ed about the climate of the area, something I read about on Wikipedia. 

This is the blurb I was intending to tell him about:

"Port Townsend has a moderate Mediterranean climate with chilly, though not severe, and damp winters and warm, dry summers."

So I'm babbling on about the area and the weather and how it's not so bad, and although it's 60 degrees it doesn't feel too cold because there is moisture in the air, blah blah blah.

"I was reading that the climate up here is Mediterranean...chilly and...oh, what was it?  Hold on, let me look it up."  I couldn't remember what I had read earlier in the day, so I got on the iPad to look it up.

In the moment it took me to pause and look it up, Ed said, "Mediterranean chili has fish in it, right?"

He was serious.

I abruptly stopped what I was doing.  Took a deep breath.  Found my calmest voice (because I really wanted to scream) and said, "Baby.  I'm going to point something out right now, and I'm not doing it to start a fight, but I want to show you exactly how much you don't listen to what I'm saying.  I don't even think I can come up with a better example than the one that just took place."

"What?" he said.

"You just asked me if Mediterranean chili has fish in it." I said. 

I waited, thinking he was going to realize his mistake.

"Yeah, so?" he said. "Does it?"

"Oh.  My.  GOD.  I wasn't even talking about fucking chili!  Is that what you thought I was talking about?  What exactly did you hear??" I said.

"I don't know, something about chili.  Mediterranean chili," he said.  "I was listening."

"Ed." I said.  "You were not listening.  I was not ever, nor am I now talking about chili.  I was talking about the climate here in Port Townsend.  I was trying to remember what Wikipedia said about it, which was that it was Mediterranean....then I paused, to say chilly, and...and then I couldn't remember what the rest of it was so I was looking it up.  That's when you asked me if Mediterranean chili had fish in it."

"Well, you said Mediterranean chili." he said.

"I said, Mediterranean, then chilly.  There was a pause in there.  I was describing the climate as Mediterranean....chilly and damp is where I was going next.  Like saying, 'The climate in Arizona is desert-like....'  pause  'hot and arid'.  There was more coming after the chilly part.  Chilly as in weather, not chili as in the food."  I said.

His eyes crinkled up and he started to laugh at himself.

"And I'm supposed to think you listen to me?" I said.

"Well, I do most of the time."  he said.

Most of the time.  This reminded me of when he told me that I talk too much and it's hard to remember everything I say.

Classic Ed.

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MAE said...

As frustrated as you get with Ed, this IS a very funny story and very typical Ed...take a deep breath, lol...

Belledog said...

For penance, Ed has to spell bouillabaisse.



dlg aka: Ed's Mom said...

If he could see what you were typing, he would get it. Don't be so hard on my baby boy!! LOL After all he is a he and I have the other half...

M Hanson said...

I'm visually oriented, he's audio. Sounds like the convos we've enjoyed frequently. Now I want bouillabaisse!!