Saturday, September 28, 2013

In The Shadow Of Mount Olympus

We just spent six days parked on the shores of the Olympic Peninsula

We had full water and electric hookups so we didn't have to run the generator, and the best part - other than the location - is that it was provided by the facility we delivered to!  Can you believe they give truckers this gorgeous location to wait on their next load??
We were almost on the water's edge.  This angle doesn't make it look so steep, but it was enough of a drop-off that we couldn't climb down from the grass to the beach area.
We had to walk to the edge of the parking area and take the little path behind the Ramada  to get down to the water.  Once there, we found lots of driftwood, smooth stones, shells, seaweed, and seagulls squawking into the wind.
This was the view from the front window of the cab.  Excuse the dirty windows - I hit them with a little Windex the day after this picture revealed their filth.
When we first arrived, it rained and was overcast (which I really don't mind), but then we got several sunny days which made for much better picture taking. 
Right behind the truck was a Ramada with picnic tables, a gas BBQ, a covered area containing garbage bins, and restrooms if needed.
Black tailed deer were everywhere and they weren't the least bit skittish.  In fact, they were all over Port Townsend; in the streets, on the lawns.  The noise of the truck didn't even scare them.  They barely lifted their heads from the grass they were munching.

We threw a few apples out to these guys, which were near our parking area.  There were about six more hiding behind the tree to the left.
The sunsets weren't spectacular in color, but the shadows through the trees as we drove along the shoreline were beautiful.   
We eventually got a load and had to leave, but the location was a perfect base for exploring the area and I can't wait to come back! 

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MAE said...

Thank you thank you thank you I so enjoyed seeing all your fabulous pictures...

Belledog said...

You are a tonic, Salena.

Spectacular sojourn. Just what you needed around your birthday week.

Gil said...

Unbelievably beautiful pictures! What camera did you use? Funny how those deer have black tails while the ones here have white tails. I wonder which are better eating?

The Daily Rant said...

MAE: Glad you like them!

BELLEDOG: Yeah, it wasn't a bad place to spend my birthday in.

GIL: Thank you! I use my little point-and-shoot - a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS. I always carry it in my purse. And I thought the same thing about the deer - I've never heard of a black tailed deer, as where I came from in upstate NY, we only had white tailed deer too.