Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's A Shame He's Such A Crab

Eddie found this while we were on the beach in Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. We were snorkeling on our own with our $8.00 snorkeling gear from Kmart when he hollered for me to come over and take a look....he said he saw a rock move.

He clearly was not getting enough air through his snorkel! Moving rocks?

But it wasn't a rock, it was this little crab. He is known as a box crab or a shame faced crab because he holds his little claws up to hide his face. He was totally cute and very durable.

I took some video of him (which I will put in the next post) and when we were done...

Eddie returned him to the sea. Rest assured, no crabs were hurt in the filming of the video.


Gil said...

Just eaten?

Anonymous said...

Some other crabs were eaten, but not this one. Haha