Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Am A Kandee Addict

I have loved makeup for as long as I can remember. I think I came out of the womb with lipgloss on. I'm actually a borderline addict, and I only say "borderline" because I don't have daily access to it; if I did, I'd be a full blown addict.

I have plenty of makeup in the truck, but it's not like I have a regular job where I can just stop at the mall on my way home every few days. I really don't like shopping in general, but I can spend an hour in the makeup aisle at Walgreen's, so it's a good thing there's not a Sephora on every corner. As it is, I always buy something new no matter where I go; just recently I bought new mascara and another lipgloss (in Freedom of Peach because that's Queen Latifah's signature color and I love it!).

I have eleventy million lipglosses and surely don't need another one, but I wanted another one, and I find if I throw it in the shopping cart amongst the pasta, paper towels and yogurt, Ed doesn't even realize he's buying cosmetics every week!

Recently, I have been hooked on Kandee.
Kandee Johnson, that is.

First, let's have a peek at her:

Cute as a damn button, isn't she? Well, a stunningly beautiful button. I came across her blog by accident, but I'm so glad I found it. I have been obsessed with watching her makeup application videos on YouTube, specifically the recreations of movie characters she does. I'm thinking I might be stealing one of those ideas for Halloween this year. I'm trying to get Ed on board too. How fun would it be to drive around looking like we just stepped out of a Tim Burton film? Ed as the Mad Hatter and me as the Queen of Hearts perhaps? I think it would be fabulous!

I also like her celebrity makeup looks and know that I'll definitely be doing the Sophia Loren eye! Being a makeup freak from birth I know most of the basics, but I have to say I've learned a couple of things from her, and it's also gotten me back into paying more attention to my makeup than I have in the past couple of years. I've found that I've gotten a bit lazy due to the environment I'm in and sometimes just throw on a quick sweep of mascara and lipgloss and call it a day.

That stops right here, right now! From this moment forward, I'm going back to full blown face! Well, maybe not full full, but no more of the lazy hand I've been using. A trip to Sephora and another stop at the MAC counter is most certainly in order; in fact, I think we're going to need another storage box on the trailer for all the goodies I have in mind.

And come Halloween....look out!

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Gil said...

Stupid me I thought you were talking about the edible kind and you were about to post a picture of a giant cache of candy in you truck!

Unknown said...

you should totally do the mad hatter and queen of hearts i love that idea!!! can you ask kandee if she can lend me those hot pink earrings i love them!!