Friday, September 16, 2011

What Do You See?

I was in Arizona, sitting in line waiting to get the truck washed when I saw this on the concrete. It was a reflection off the doors of the trailer in front of me.

I thought the pattern was great. It reminded me of a few things; a swimming pool, a Rorschach test, or an elementary school art project. Remember when we were kids in art class? We'd fold a piece of paper in half, and then drizzle that tempera paint in the middle and then fold the two pieces back together, squishing the paint in between. When you opened it, the design would be mirrored on both sides of the paper.

In this case, the blazing hot, blinding sun created the effect on the back of the trailer, the design spilling onto the ground in reflection.

Is it human, nature, animal, or abstract?


Unknown said...

I see an abstract painting in shades of grey.

Marlaina said...

You are creating poetry.

Terry said...

I was looking for Jesus or the Virgin Mary, didn't see them so I guess I should go look in my potato chip bag.